Chill Maar-d!!

The most difficult decision when you visit Goa is deciding the restaurant/cafe you want to eat at. It is filled with innumerable enticing places which one can find at every corner. I recently happened to visit Goa and was absolutely confused as to which place to visit. As I was walking down the Calangute road, I came across this place called 10 Calangute.

As I entered the place, I realised that it was a hotel cum restaurant. The restaurant which is called Chill Maard is situated on the 1st floor. My first impression of the place was that it was spacious and inviting. It had such a welcoming vibe and the atmosphere was absolutely relaxed. The decor of the whole place is simple yet elegant.
The whole place is divided into different sections.  As you enter the place you see a manager’s desk on one side and exactly opposite that is a small kid’s section. As you walk forward, you see a beautiful staircase leading up to the hotel’s room. Remember how we all love our age old game of carom? The restaurant has thoughtfully laid out the carom board on a table near the staircase for our entertainment. Not just that, there is also a karaoke section where you can have a wonderful time with your friends and family. In addition to these, they also have chess and cards. One of the interesting parts of the whole place is the bar. I love how they have labelled each seat with different positions of the film industry like director, heroine etc. There is a small section laid out with chairs and tables for you to enjoy your meal and one big table for a bigger group from where you can see the kitchen through a small window.
The one section I absolutely loved was the outdoor seating. During the night, when the weather is beautiful, the outdoor seating which is near the pool is the perfect place to enjoy one’s meal.

IMG_0642   IMG_0605


IMG_0606                              IMG_0584

Now coming to the food I tried: (as I visited the place with a friend, the review for the non-vegetarian food is done by him)
As the restaurateur,  Mr Gautam Aul was there we asked him to recommend us some of their best dishes. On upon his recommendation, we tried some north Indian cuisine, the executive chef, Manoj Godyal and Bhupender served us with some lip-smacking dishes.

Kokum Chicken Tikka– The chicken was well-cooked and the flavour of the kokum came out real good in the dish.

Yellow Chilly Tikka– Well marinated and perfectly cooked. This yellow chilly tikka was flavoursome.

Veg Galouti Kebab- The one thing which makes my day is having soft and delicious kebabs. Galouti Kebabs is one of my favourite dishes. These kebabs melted as soon as I put them in my mouth. One thing which has to be perfect for me is the mint chutney. Add the chutney to these kebabs and you get a delicious dish.

Dal makhani- To be honest, I was surprised to find this amazing Dal Makhani in Goa.  It was rich in cream and the thickness of the Dal was also perfect.

Roganjosh- The gorgeous brown colour of Roganjosh was very tempting. The tender juicy meat was perfectly cooked and had the perfect balance of spices.

Mirchi parantha- True to its name, the Mirchi parantha was teekha, just the way I liked it. If you love your food spicy then you should definitely try this.

Garlic naan- I have always been a big fan of Garlic Naan. Whenever I go out to eat North Indian cuisine, I make it a point to order this and that’s exactly what I did in this place. The soft yet crisp Naan, combined with the dal tasted amazing.

For drinks we tried:

Strawberry surprise and Kiwi twist, both drinks being equally refreshing.

So, the next time you are confused and looking for a place to eat in North Goa, head to 10 Calangute for a marvellous time with your friends or family.


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