Food Cloud

FoodCloud, the brainchild of Vedant Kanoi and Shamit Khemka, has over 300 chefs on board providing delightful meals to over 25,000 customers on a monthly basis, across Delhi-NCR and Kolkata. They’re recently been inducted into the govt of India’s start-up initiative as well and are one of the few food tech firms that continue to hold strong, while quite a few have closed in the recent few months. These Valentine’s specials are available from now till Feb 14 on Day Specials




The web portal which connects home chefs to customers has two special Valentine’s Day offerings – a “Valentine’s Special” page on where 11 chefs have curated 16 special 2-course and 3-course meals; and the best 5 dessert chefs have curated fascinating desserts from chocolate bars that are a proposal (by Chocazure) to naughty cupcakes (All things Yummy), bouquets of edible delights to smooch mini brownies (G’s Patisserie).
Take a bit, and make your V-Day celebrations so much sweeter!



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