Christmas Carnival

All days from Christmas till New years are about having fun.
Foodcloud India organised a Christmas carnival in Cyber Hub from 22 Dec to 24th Dec and it was absolutely amazing.
There was total of 10 stalls, out of which few stalls catered our sweet tooth.
We tried something or the other from every stall.


1 such stall which stood out was Courtyard Memories, Zesty super healthy pickles. The pickles were made out of Ginger and they were nothing less than delicious. The ginger was freshly brought from the Himalayas and the flavours were amazing.

To cater our hungry souls, there were food stalls like Rustom for seafood and Pedro’s for Mexican etc.
In addition to that, they had stalls for Indian food as well which served us some amazing chaap and North Indian thali.

The food from each place was amazing and satisfied our taste buds. What made it better was to see that it was all cooked by home chefs.
For our dessert cravings, there was Bubbly’s delight, G’s Pattisiere and more.

It was good to see many talents, who have a passion for food and cooking, come together and present us simple dishes with amazing taste.


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