G’s Patisserie: For all your dessert cravings!

How many of us are willing to leave our well paying corporate job to start a business about something we are just curious about? None of us, right? Well, Gauri, started her own bakery shop just because she was curious about the working of the bakery business. With her hard work and dedication, she has been able to turn G’s Patisserie into a brand today. She started with putting up stalls in Saket Mall and now owns her own place in Kalkaji.
G’s Patisserie in Gauri’s language is “one of its kind”. I got the opportunity to meet her over a dessert-making session with few other bloggers. As we started talking, I realized that she likes to work in a non-conventional way and likes to experiment with her work. Her two room space has been well maintained with proper hygiene. The two rooms are used for different purposes. One of the room is where all the baking is done and the other room is used for post-baking purposes. A self-taught baker, Gauri makes all her cakes, pastries, cupcakes, brownies and Biscotti’s completely fresh. One of the great things about her is that she keeps her customer’s priority at the top. Her experiments with her desserts and out of the box thinking are amazing and she does everything while retaining the classic flavors of those things perfectly.


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When we entered the place, Gauri welcomed us with a warm smile and her freshly made chocolate brownies. The brownies were so delicious that I could not stop eating them. She taught us to make chocolate tarts. During our time there, she made us taste her very special Red Velvet and I could not stop drooling over it. The flavors were perfect as it wasn’t very sweet or creamy.


I tried her lemon tart which was excellent. Since the lemon syrup used was sour, it brought out the flavor of the tart which was the perfect mixture of sour and sweet. It was an exciting session where we learned so much about different flavors and baking.

G’s Patisserie will be my go-to place every time I have a craving for something sweet. It’s a place you have to try for its amazing desserts and the friendly owner!!


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