Idleness is one of the greatest forms to solve major problems. When a person has a free state of mind or he is allowed to think in its own way. Thinking about a problem for even a trillion times cannot solve it unless you are in a free state of mind to think or you are kept away from boundaries.

Yes, I think idleness can actually make you accomplish more and reach greater heights as the power of a person of thinking in it’s own way when he is idle is more than that of a person thinking in some restricted boundaries. Yoga which a form of meditation which is followed world wide by millions of people to help them concentrate to find answers to the most difficult problems in their lives they have ever come across, is just a method of being idle and being in a free state of mind to think about the problems and accomplish more.

One example is of me, I’m usually not able to solve problems when I’m restricted to boundaries or when I’m not in a free state of mind. Whenever I face problems like these I usually go out for a long walk alone thinking about how to tackle the problem that I have come across and usually get answers to my problems.

Another example is of a famous german scientist, Albert Einstein who never had keen interest in studying and wanted to explore more things around him. He used to fail in exams and because of this reason he was dropped out of his school. Once he was dropped out the school he started discovering more things that he had keen interest in. This form of idleness helped him accomplish more things and reach greater heights.

To conclude one can only overcome the greatest of the problems in his life if he is free to think over it.



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