666… Is it a curse or just a coincidence..??

It was June 6th 2006, when the remake of 1976 ‘The Omen’ was released so the two friends decided to watch the original ‘The Omen’. The rage was such that everyone wanted to know what was this “triple sixes” all about.

The two girl best friends on one of their night-ins in their empty house on the street no. 6, decided to run a horror movie marathon on that night of June 6, 2006. What a night it was…

The classic horror/thriller tells the story of Robert Thorn and his wife Katherine, who lost their son shortly after birth in Rome. The hospital’s Catholic Priest convinces them to secretly adopt a baby, whose mother allegedly died after giving birth. The couple raises the child as their own, who they named Damien. Soon, many strange and often disturbing events begin to reveal about “the Spawn of the Satan” Damien—including the scene where his nanny commits suicide on his fifth birthday. Robert is baffled to realize that his son is the bearer of the peculiar “666-triple six” sequence as the birthmark on his scalp (depicting “the Curse of the Omen”).

As the 2 girl best friends continued to watch the movie, the weather in real began to simulate the weather in the movie.

There were dark and tumultuous clouds in the dead of night. The wind was sighing and thrashing in the tree tops and the boughs moaned. It suddenly began to rain cats and dogs. The windows and doors of the house rattled in their frames. In the far of street, the meowing and barking sound of the cats and dogs could be heard. There were thunderclaps and lightening raged with fury. The 2 girls could barely sleep that night. The slightest movement in the house would send shivers down their spine. The next morning, they heard that in the dreadful night there was an accident of a car numbered 6006, on their street no.6.

The Omen was among the most successful horror titles, not only popular for its eerie story line, but also for the so-called “Curse of the Omen,” marked by several freaky events during the filming of the two films:

1. Two months before filming for the 1976 film began, the son of lead actor Gregory Peck shot himself to the head. Peck also narrowly escaped a plane crash when he canceled his flight reservation. All passengers on board perished.

2. Scriptwriter David Seltzer’s plane was hit by lightning as it traversed across the Atlantic.

3. A few weeks later, it was executive producer Mace Neufeld‘s turn to fly to Los Angeles, and experience the same electrifying experience during his flight. Neufeld recalled the ordeal as the “roughest five minutes” he’s ever had on an airliner.

4. An animal handler helped the cast and crew of 1976 film shoot the “crazy baboon” scene and work with animals correctly. He was attacked by a lion, two weeks later—pulled by the head and reportedly eaten alive.

5. John Moore, director of the 2006 remake, reportedly spent a whole day filming the scene where Robert Thorn would discover the ominous birthmark of his adopted demon-child. However, the footage resulting from the hard day’s work was lost when 13,500 feet of film were mysteriously destroyed in the processing lab. By comparison, Moore said “The worst the lab and collective crew ever heard of is losing is a roll, which is 400 feet.” He added that the lab guys were “in tears,” unable to find any explanation.

6. Pete Postlethwaite, who starred as Father Brennan in the 2006 remake, became the victim of the curse when his brother reportedly died after drawing an ominous combination during a card game. Yes, you guessed it: three sixes.

And, finally, the creepiest of all grim coincidences:

7. John Richardson, the set designer for the 1976 film, created a particularly macabre scene where a character dies from decapitation resulting from an automobile accident. While in Holland in August 1976, Richardson and his assistant, Liz Moore, were struck by a freakishly unfortunate fate. They fell victims to a head-on-collision, where Moore was cut in half, in similar fashion to the one Richardson had designed for the film. It happened in a Friday the 13th, near a road sign which says: “Ommen, 66.6 km.”

So, beware when you next pass a “666-triple six” sequence……………………. 

Do you think the creepy curse is real or just a matter of unfortunate coincidences? What do you feel write to me in the comment below.

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