The Cycle of Life..!!

It was 6:03am. I was sitting by the window, looking at the beautiful early winter morning sunrise in my rocking chair.. I had turned 70 today. I closed my eyes in content and my whole life was flashing in front of me.
My life has been beautiful.. As beautiful as a journey of a butterfly. I didn’t become what I am today instantly. I evolved. Just like a butterfly does.. I was an infant sleeping in the warmth of my mother’s a butterfly is just an egg in the early stages..but nothing is constant… Everybody grows. Just like me and the butterfly..
I was now 15. Out of my mother’s warm arms. Running in the play ground. I was an adolescent… All I could think of at that time was to play.. I was like a caterpillar in the second stage of its life. When all I could think of was to eat and grow as fast as I could.. Just like that larva. I wanted to grow. Be an adult.. And most importantly. Become who I wanted to be. A doctor. Yes. That was my dream at that age.. A caterpillar knew it had to be a butterfly someday and spread its wings and fly.. I wanted to do that as well. I wanted to save lives just like those people in the Tv series, I and my sister watched.

Before I could realise what was happening. I opened my eyes and I was 23 now.. Graduating from the medical school.. I was finally an adult.. The larva wasΒ  turning into a pupa! From the outside it looked as if the caterpillar was resting but it was the inside where all the action was taking place. I was scared and terrified because things were moving fast..Β  Everything was going to change.. Like the process of metamorphosis where within the pupa the caterpillar is going through remarkable transformation to become a beautiful butterfly, i was fully prepared to be a doctor and save lives.
When I had started I was still young and an amateur in this field. I was like the butterfly who had just come out of the pupa with its soft and delicate wings. But soon when it is well rested it eventually learns how to fly.. I had the same journey.. As soon I came out of the protected surrounding of my college and stepped inside the real world. I learnt how to fly.. And I finally became a full-grown butterfly.
Now almost 45 years have passed. I am one of the renowned surgeons of the country.. And today here I am.. Rocking back and forth in my chair. Smiling at the cycle of life and how each and everyone evolves.. I could hear someone calling me now. I opened my eyes and saw my 15-year-old granddaughter holding a jar in front of me with a beautiful butterfly inside it, wanting me to open it and let that butterfly fly away.

Have a Beautiful Sunday..!!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

-Kanchi Shah


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