A shiny and bright life..!!! :D #Social

We often feel happier when we receive hundreds of “likes” on our pics. The profile or page with maximum likes is the most popular. At times even actors are approached for movies, TV series, reality shows on the basis of their social media followers. In times when major part of our life is concerned with social media, it clearly explains why our virtual life precedes the real life.

As we say everything has its pros and cons, we can also relate the same in social media too…

How many of us have felt that the person we met is different from his online profile???

Sometimes in order to be acceptable in the digital world we re-create ourselves an online persona. We think that it is true but sometimes we end up making an online profile of the person we fantasize to be. We post our prettiest filtered pics and share all our best news. Similarly, we expect that we could filter or improvise our real life too. This is because, well, we all wish for a delete or edit button at some point in our lives.

Our life has split into various avatars – online avatars, profile pics and status updates. We often judge our friends based on the degree of following our posts (Well right now while you are reading this post I am judging too 😉 ). So the person who likes our posts, pics, and statuses the most is our true friend. Well is he really your true friend..??

I agree that social media has brought long distance relationships closer and has helped us get in touch with our long lost friends, but can you deny this – instead of being a good listener to the person who accompanied us for a coffee, we are either snapchatting or posting check-ins.

We should ask ourselves a question – Would we be saying the same things or sending the same messages if we were face-to-face in a coffee-shop???

Even if, we have 1000s of friends on Facebook, we feel utterly lonely as we only have a bunch of friends with whom we actually want to share the low phases in life.

So, when you get the next opportunity to go out with your friends ditch your cell phones and try to live in each moment and do click pics so that you can later share them on social media.

What are you waiting for, go ahead and grab your phones to ask your friends to meet for a shiny and bright weekend.



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